Maricopa Dems Call For County Attorney Adel’s Resignation

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September 15, 2021
Maricopa Dems Call For County Attorney Adel’s Resignation




Edder Díaz-Martínez


Maricopa Dems Call For County Attorney Adel’s Resignation

While the Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) understands it’s challenging to admit recovery is the right path, Adel cannot lead the nation’s third-largest prosecutorial agency in rehabilitation.

PHOENIX - On Friday, September 10, Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel announced she is in treatment for alcohol abuse and an eating disorder.

MCDP Chair Nancy Schriber releases the following:

“While MCDP is empathetic to County Attorney Adel’s health concerns and wishes her a speedy recovery, Adel cannot lead the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) in a rehabilitation center. MCDP urges County Attorney Allister Adel to resign immediately. Recovery is a full-time job that requires complete dedication and commitment. She cannot focus on her recovery while simultaneously head an agency of over 1,000 employees.

We’re gracious Adel came forward and admitted to seeking treatment. We understand announcing this news isn’t easy and commend her bravery.

While we acknowledge her courageousness, MCDP also recognizes the MCAO has been rife with controversy under her brief tenure. Underlining her calamitous leadership is the disastrous decision to prosecute Black Lives Matter community activists as ‘gang members.’ If it weren’t for Mass Liberation AZ, movement lawyers, directly impacted individuals, courageous journalists, and other partner organizations, several community members would be charged with felonies and jailed for years.

To this day, there are indications that the MCAO and Phoenix Police colluded to charge community activists wrongfully. As a result, the MCAO is now facing a $10M claim from the former leading prosecutor of the case. It’s unacceptable. It’s time for Adel to resign. She cannot entirely focus on her recovery and simultaneously lead this county agency.”


The Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) works to elect Democrats across Maricopa County. We recruit, train, and promote Democratic candidates to ensure Democratic values shape policy across the county and state.

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