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Why I Volunteer With MCDP

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"Democracy is about kindness that begins locally."
MCDP Volunteer
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"Volunteering gives me a feeling of accomplishment being involved and having a chance to have a positive impact on my community."
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"Volunteering is a small way of supporting our precious Democracy."
MCDP Volunteer
Janice Eng smiling.
"With today's increasing attacks on Democracy, it is critically important to awaken fellow citizens to our civi responsibilities!"
MCDP Volunteer
Janice Eng smiling.
‚ÄúVolunteering gives me a sense of personal empowerment and contribution to the common good of all.‚ÄĚ
MCDP Volunteer

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The Maricopa County Democratic Party is organized primarily along Legislative Districts, and you will be able to participate and help out at all levels (from school boards up to statewide and federal races) through your local Legislative District (LD), in addition to opportunities offered at MCDP.

Below, you will find a listing of those legislative districts, along with the names and contact information for the district chairs, the monthly meeting locations.

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