Maricopa County Democratic Party Reacts To County Election Audit Results

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February 26, 2021
Maricopa County Democratic Party Reacts To County Election Audit Results

PHOENIX – Today’s independent election audit results confirm once and for all that Maricopa County’s elections were safe, accurate, and transparent. It’s now up to the AZGOP to begin convincing their supporters two certified independent agencies found no fraud in the 2020 election.

Nancy Schriber, Chair of MCDP, releases the following:

“Today’s reports from two independent, federally certified voting system testing laboratories confirm what the majority of county residents already knew: Maricopa County’s election system is safe, secure, accurate, and transparent.

MCDP never doubted these would be the results from both audits. Our system of democracy in Maricopa County is a shining example of how elections should be managed and administered.

Following the release of reports from these forensic audits, MCDP calls on AZGOP leadership, including AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, AZ Senate President Karen Fann, and AZ Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Warren Petersen, to begin quashing all conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 General Election. Spreading false information is dangerous, and it’s time we encourage voter engagement and participation rather than questioning our election integrity and accuracy.”


The Maricopa County Democratic Party (MCDP) works to elect Democrats across Maricopa County. We recruit, train, and promote Democratic candidates in Maricopa County to ensure Democratic values shape policy across the country’s largest battleground county.

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