In Rememberance of Lois Pfau

January 26, 2022
Nancy Schriber, MCDP Chair
In Rememberance of Lois Pfau

Hi Friend,

This week, our local Democratic community lost the incredible Lois Pfau, a devoted and dedicated volunteer. 

Since the 1970s, Lois committed her time and energy to Democratic causes and candidates. This ensured that her knowledge of party rules and personal dedication to our Party’s success was second to none.

She led movements with purpose and commitment, ready to support Democratic candidates up and down the ballot election year after election year. Her passion for Arizona politics helped teach a new generation that a blue Arizona is possible, and she knew that it started from having a rock-solid foundation. 

That same foundation led her to believe in others - especially younger generations. She was a fierce advocate for new leadership and championed others into leadership positions. Her drive and ambition for electing Democratic candidates fuels our Party and exemplifies the tenacity and grit required to pound the pavement and ensure we register Democratic voters and turn out the vote. 

Fred Duval, Arizona Board of Regents Chair-elect recalled “Lois had a contagious charisma of purpose. She understood - like no one before her or since - that a party foundation lifted every candidate. And that was what animated her. It was the thankless work that few were willing to do. But her purpose - not a need for acclaim - was her fuel. It is said that genuine service is planting and tending a tree you will never sit under.”

Terry Goddard, former Arizona Attorney General said “Lois was the best in the trenches Democratic worker I have known.  Even in her last weeks she was still one of the top signature gatherers for the Stop Dark Money initiative.”

Luis Heredia, AZ DNC Committee member shared “For Lois it was always doing everything possible to make our future fairer, brighter and stronger. You set a very high bar for us to keep doing what you did up to your young age of 91”.

Our Party, our county, and our state benefit from her generosity and commitment to Arizona Democratic politics. Her warm smile and endearing personality helped communities throughout Arizona. Lois Pfau inspired us in her daily life and has benefited all of us in her life’s work.

Rest in Peace, dear Lois. 

Nancy Schriber, MCDP Chair

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