Tearanie Chinn

Originally from Gary, Indiana, Tearanie is humbled and honored to be an active part of her community here in Arizona since moving here in 2017. She is a graduate from Jackson State University and earned a BS in Social Science Education, where she fully leaned into her passion for educating others. Tearanie has served as a middle and high school educator in both rural and urban school settings for over 10 years, she has proudly served our United States Military Personnel overseas providing education services to deployed service members in Germany, Afghanistan, Kuwait and Qatar. She gained local organizing experience through working with Rural Arizona Engagement and Rural Arizona Advocates in their youth campaigns geared towards participatory research action. She also brings knowledge on electoral organizing, working on the 2020 and 2022 Georgia Senate Runoffs and spearheading the Arizona Democratic Party’s Coordinated Out of State Program with Mission for Arizona. Her work has been seen across state lines, re-electing Senator Raphael Warnock and our very own astronaut, Senator Mark Kelly to serve full 6-year terms, as well as a host of statewide, county, and local candidates. Her life and career experiences have solidified her passion for defending democracy in all the spaces she occupies. To Tearanie, joy is found through inspiring and uplifting others. She hopes that her experiences, story and actions will inspire others to become the “change they wish to see.”