Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller is a passionate community advocate and a fierce fighter for change. Nicole was raised in Northeast Mesa by a Colombian father and Mexican-American mother. Nicole’s parents instilled in her a love for her community, her family, and education. Thanks to Pell Grants, part-time jobs, and AGUILA Youth Leadership Academy, Nicole is also a first-generation college graduate, with a degree in English Literature from Arizona State University. The fear under Joe Arpaio’s Arizona awakened a fire for political advocacy in Nicole. While in high school, she began volunteering for Ed Pastor’s Citizenship Day, a formative experience that eventually led to a job with immigration attorneys, assisting the community through the naturalization process. Nicole is an Area Lead within her legislative district, a recently-elected State Committeeperson, Secretary on the Latino Outreach Committee, and served as Field Director for newly-elected Stacey Travers for LD12 House of Representatives. Nicole also worked around the county to engage Latino voters, sharing resources and information about county candidates last election cycle. Additionally, she has volunteered for local and state-wide candidates and initiatives. Nicole is passionate about disrupting oppressive systems and seeks to share tools with her community so that they can thrive. She knows that information is power, and will use information and resource-sharing to help the county reach communities who are so often forgotten outside of the election cycle. Currently, Nicole is mom to two school-aged children and works as Director of Compliance for a Manhattan-based law firm. Outside of work and advocacy, she enjoys exploring Arizona, hiking, watching soccer with family, and listening to punk rock.