Maricopa Dems Launch FLOA Program

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November 22, 2022
Maricopa Dems Launch FLOA Program



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Ne’Lexia Galloway


                                                              Maricopa Dems Launch FLOA Program

As extremist conservative groups bully and harass school board members across Maricopa County, Maricopa Dems launches the Future Leaders of Arizona (FLOA, pronounced flow) program to recruit and train support school and college board leaders who share its values.

PHOENIX - Today, the Maricopa County Democratic Party announces the launch of the Future Leaders of Arizona (FLOA, pronounced flow) program, reaffirming its commitment to uplift the diverse voices of community members across Maricopa County.

FLOA is a candidate pipeline specifically designed to recruit and train first-time school and college board members across Maricopa County. 

Nationwide, extremists are waging war on school and college board members. Right-wing anti-mask and anti-vaccine groups who are fueled by conspiracy theories are targeting school board members.

Locally, we’ve witnessed school board members harassed and bullied into resignation by these groups. It’s time school, and college board members are supported and empowered to continue advocating for teachers, parents, and students. The FLOA program reaffirms MCDP’s commitment to invest in local down-ballot elections.

MCDP believes Maricopa County’s school and college boards should reflect the diversity of our county. All parents and students deserve representation in these educational spaces. The FLOA program is the vehicle through which these candidates will be trained and supported in their candidacy. For more information, visit


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