José Quiñonez

First and foremost I’m a proud Latino, a proud American, and an even more proud resident of LD 21. I am 20 years old and currently working on a major in Political Science at ASU West. I was born and raised in LD 21. My family has lived in the community since the 1950s. We have seen the district grow from dirt ranches and crop fields. I volunteered for my first campaign at 16 during the election of former Surprise Council Woman Rachel V, who remains a personal friend and mentor. In 2018 I was hired as the full-time field director for Gilbert Romero’s state house campaign and personally knocked on thousands of doors within 21. I dedicated my heart and soul to the election. I also was responsible for coordinating efforts with several local campaigns throughout the district which gave me close personal relationships with elected officials such as mayor Alexis Hermosillo of El Mirage. In the 2020 we saw history made in our state but came up short in 21. I believe because of who I am, my experience and my deep roots in this community. I can successfully work to bring in those voters who are critical to flipping this district. I see those voters that we need to bring in as being large Latino and largely young. As chairman I will work to reach out to those groups and bring them into the political process.