Dr. Gerae Peten

Basically, my Career has been in the helping profession of teaching and being a servant leader. With your support, I can continue that work for LD23. My passion is bringing people together to fulfill a common vision, with a strategic mission and goals planned for success. As a Teacher, construction manager, Turn-Around Principal and retired School Superintendent I was able to recruit, unify and mobilize entire groups of individuals by creating incredible teams, to focus on what is best for us to reach our achievement goals. We created environments where ordinary people did extraordinary things. Failure was never an option. Serving in the House of Representatives for LD23 has expanded my knowledge base and horizons as to what we can do when we are laser-focused and committed to specific outcomes. Now is the time for me to give back to our community the expertise and lessons I have learned from 51 years as an educator, 12 yrs. of active political engagement, a founding member of Legislative District 4, over five years ago, and as their secretary for 2.5 yrs. as well as being your State Representative for 3 years. It is an honor, privilege, and pleasure to continue serving our community as the LD4 Chair.