We are so grateful to have had such an incredible growth of Precinct Committee (PC’s) members over the past few years. You’ve made the impossible seem possible, and the future for our county and country look brighter than ever.

PC’s are the backbone of the Democratic Party, the engine that keeps the party strong and productive. As we enter the next cycle, it is imperative that everyone of our current PC’s re-register to become a newly elected PC.


At the Maricopa County Democratic Party, we continue to recruit, elect, and train PC’s throughout the year. Your financial support directly funds these necessary programs- please help fund our trainings right now at www.maricopadems.org/becoming_a_pc.


To find you precinct: Click this Link to Find your Precinct
For more info and to printable PC documents, click this link: https://recorder.maricopa.gov/elections/precinctcommitteemen.aspx


For Signature Requirements: https://recorder.maricopa.gov/elections/precinctcommitteemen.aspx


As an elected official of our party, you will be the party’s ambassador into your precinct and your community. You’ll be the point person for your neighborhood and you together with your fellow PC’s will be the reason Democratic candidates all over America win! Working together and making sure we have as many PC’s as possible is how we’ll turn Arizona blue!


In order to best serve our communities, we at MCDP work tirelessly to ensure you have all the tools and resources you need to meet the unique needs of your individual precinct. In order to continuously host trainings this election year and beyond, please invest in our PC training programs right now at www.maricopadems.org/becoming_a_pc.


I hope you’ll take a look at the links and information provided to you. If you have any questions I hope you’ll reach out to your legislative district chair or our staff at MCDP.


2017 brought us our biggest year of PC growth ever. It’s because of the unstoppable commitment of people like you who stepped up to champion our values – that we are poised to make some serious changes in our state.


We have an opportunity as PC’s to make this change happen on the ground every day. MCDP is investing in all of our PC’s because we know that if we have a strong team on the ground in each of our neighborhoods, we can’t be stopped. We must support each other and the work we do as Democrats- please invest in your fellow PC’s right now at www.maricopadems.org/becoming_a_pc.


We couldn’t be more excited. Thank you for everything you do. Let’s make 2018 the year Democrats changed everything.


In Solidarity,
– Steven Slugocki

Maricopa County Democratic Party