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Zero Stars: Maricopa County Republican Party Wrong On Prop 104

The Maricopa County Republican Party was found to have stretched the truth in a fact check in The Arizona Republic regarding a comment made by the MCRP on the Phoenix transportation initiative. The MCRP claimed "Proposition 104 is a proposal to levy more than $30 billion in new taxes on the citizens of Phoenix for the next 35 years."


 As pointed out by The Arizona Republic "Prop. 104 is projected to generate $16.7 billion from taxes over 35 years." A number almost half as much as the MCRP claimed.

 Furthermore, the initiative is an extension of a tax already in place meaning Prop 104 "would bring in another $6.8 billion. Both $16.7 billion and $6.8 billion are less than the $30 billion the Maricopa County Republican Party said the measure would levy in new taxes."



Here are some of the things MCRP failed to mention Prop 104 will do:

  • Expand light rail service to ASU West, GCU, the Arizona State Capitol, as well as other areas of west, south and north Phoenix.
  • Expand RAPID and Dial-a-Ride services and increase bus frequency by over 70%.
  • Improve 680 miles of aging Phoenix streets and build new roads in growing Phoenix communities.
  • Create 135 miles of new sidewalks and 1,080 miles of new bike lanes throughout Phoenix.

Prop 104 will support the Phoenix population, which is expected to double in the next 30 years, and economic development along the current light rail line has already topped $8 billion.

To buy into the MCRP's tax-scare tactics would be to neglect infrastructure needs and disregard economic growth; more ideology, less common sense.