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Shocker: Audit Finds Department of Child Safety Needs More Money

Republican Senate President Andy Biggs is disappointed in an independent audit that found the Department of Child Safety is in need of increased funding, in an article in the Arizona Daily Star. "'They didn't really get at any of the stuff that I thought was important,' Biggs said, 'I could've gone out and asked all those local stakeholders what do you think, and they all would've told me we need to spend more money.'"

Biggs.jpgBut Republican leaders do not want to hear it and DCS continues to head in the wrong direction. According to The Arizona Republic, "As of March 31, the agency had removed 17,592 children from their parents' homes, compared with 15,514 for the same time a year earlier...And 65 staffers left the agency in April alone...Overall, attrition has climbed to 27 percent from 22 percent in December."

Democratic leaders in the Arizona House of Representatives and Senate have been very outspoken about the disasterous effects underfunding DCS would have on child safety. These fears have been realized recently with two child deaths even after DCS had contact with the families. Yet Gov. Ducey and Republican leaders continue to sit on the $266 million surplus and Gov. Ducey is moving forward with his $50 million private prison proposal.

#AskDuceyWhy he and Republican leaders continue to disregard child safety.