Maricopa County
Democratic Party

Republican Education Plan: Less Money, More Guns

Recalled Senator Russell Pearce used his official Maricopa County email account to warn lawmakers Tuesday that they don’t have enough money to satisfy the “educrats” and asked them to deny schools any additional funding, according to The Capitol Times.

Screen_Shot_2015-10-15_at_1.41.37_PM.jpgThe Republican Party of Maricopa County also jumped into the education debate by opposing all school district override and bond ballot initiatives in November claiming "school district's are being disingenuous about their needs and have been less than responsible with their spending."

School policy initiatives that the Maricopa GOP are in favor of? More guns on campus. The Republican Party of Maricopa County claims tragedies like the one that took place at Umpqua Community College will be avoidable in our state if more individuals have the "opportunity to carry firearms while on any publicly funded school campus in Arizona" in a Facebook post entitled "Second Amendment Key To Student Safety On Arizona Campuses."

We have different values at the Maricopa County Democratic Party.


We listen to teachers and parents. We have been knocking on doors and making phone calls alongside teachers and parents in support of the school district overrides and bonds because we do not believe a teacher should have to glue books back together or students should have to learn under a leaky roof. And we certainly agree with teachers in pushing back against the idea that we should allow our places of learning to become militarized zones. How did the Maricopa GOP and Russell Pearce become so out of touch?