Maricopa County
Democratic Party

PRESS RELEASE: Maricopa County Democratic Party Urges Community Support for School District Override and Bond Elections


October 19, 2015


The Maricopa County Democratic Party’s Executive Committee Urges Community Support for School District Override and Bond Elections

Phoenix – Arizona’s public schools are in crisis.  After years of budget cuts, Governor Ducey and the Republican-led Legislature continue to show an unwillingness to respect the will of the voters and the courts by settling the inflation lawsuit and immediately restoring funding to our public schools.  Arizona is now at the bottom nationally for per pupil spending.  Class sizes are too high and teacher salaries too low.  Our public school children and teachers struggle with outdated textbooks and technology, aging buildings and equipment, and even unreliable transportation and safety systems.

“Every child in Arizona deserves the opportunity to pursue the American Dream,” said acting Chair of the Maricopa County Democratic Party, Steven Slugocki, “but that is not what we’re providing our kids today. Far from it.  We are at risk of losing an entire generation to underfunded schools.”

This fall, Maricopa County voters have the opportunity to say YES to district override and bond requests across the Valley.  Until the Legislature enacts a plan and classrooms receive additional funds, community support for these local school district override and bond elections remains critical.  Individual school districts have online and printed material available to provide detailed information about how dollars will be spent.  Elected school boards implement strategic plans and ensure public accountability.  The Maricopa County Democratic Party encourages all voters to support their local communities by saying YES to district override and bond requests in order to provide opportunities for kids in today’s classrooms.

It is deeply disturbing that the leadership of the Republican Party of Maricopa County opposes all school district override and bond elections.  With the lowest percentage of administrative costs in the country, it is absurd to say that our schools “waste millions of taxpayer dollars on bloated administrator salaries.”  The Republican Party of Maricopa County is out of touch with the realities of what our children and our teachers deal with every day in our classrooms.