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Phoenix Mayor Stanton Pushes for Expanded Transportation, Economic Development

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton spoke about how his working-class family benefited from Phoenix public transportation during his childhood, in an interview aired on KJZZ Wednesday. "I grew up in west Phoenix in a working-class family. My dad who sold shoes at J.C. Penny at Park Central Mall in Central Phoenix...He took that city bus and put food on our table and got me through college, and the four Stanton kids through college."



Mayor Stanton understands the way accessible public transportation can exponentially impact local economy over generations. Mayor Stanton has been very outspoken about the importance of Prop. 104, on the ballot going out in the mail this weekend and August 25, which would improve streets, expand the light rail, and improve bus service.


Proposition 104 will triple light rail and expand service to south Phoenix, Arizona State University West, Grand Canyon University, Metrocenter Mall, Paradise Valley Mall, and the Arizona State Capitol, continuing on to 79th Ave.



Beyond improved transportation, Mayor Stanton has continued to advocate for supporting education and policies that foster entrepreneurial development. Mayor Stanton mentioned opening a trade investment office in Mexico and export boot camps put on for local businesses as part of his push to build an export-based economy in Phoenix. "I am going to continue to have a relentless focus on building an export-based economy."

If only our legislators and state leaders would take his lead.