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Shocker: Audit Finds Department of Child Safety Needs More Money

Republican Senate President Andy Biggs is disappointed in an independent audit that found the Department of Child Safety is in need of increased funding, in an article in the Arizona Daily Star. "'They didn't really get at any of the stuff that I thought was important,' Biggs said, 'I could've gone out and asked all those local stakeholders what do you think, and they all would've told me we need to spend more money.'"

Biggs.jpgBut Republican leaders do not want to hear it and DCS continues to head in the wrong direction. According to The Arizona Republic, "As of March 31, the agency had removed 17,592 children from their parents' homes, compared with 15,514 for the same time a year earlier...And 65 staffers left the agency in April alone...Overall, attrition has climbed to 27 percent from 22 percent in December."

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Consumer Beware: Ducey "Trimming Big Government"

Gov. Ducey is making good on his campaign promise to "trim big government," as reported in an article in The Arizona Republic on Thursday. But what if that agency is the one responsible for making sure you get a full gallon of gas at the pump or making sure you do not get scammed by a moving company?


Next year the Department of Weights and Measures will be dismantled as a result of a bill pushed through last session by Gov. Ducey and Arizona Republican legislators, who claim the move will be good for business and will trim big government.


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Back to School with Over 1,000 AZ Teacher Vacancies

Jamie Cochran, of Cronkite News Service, cited school officials who said "low salaries, lack of support and high turnover rates combine" to make it very difficult to hire and retain quality teachers in Arizona, in an article Tuesday.

Ducenator.jpgIn fact, a Costco worker will make $12,000 more a year compared with a teacher in Arizona.


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Arizona Kids Nearly Last in Well-being Report

Arizona ranks 48th in the nation for children living in poverty and children without health insurance, according to an article in The Arizona Republic on Tuesday.


 This comes as no surprise to Arizona Democratic leaders who unanimously voted against this session's budget, which removed funding to support Arizona families in need.

The budget, which was pushed through in the middle of the night by Gov. Ducey and Republicans in the legislature, kicked an estimated 2,700 Arizona children out of the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program.


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Ducey Appointments: Too Few Women, Minorities

This concern over Gov. Ducey's hiring practices was voiced by Rep. Rebecca Rios, Democratic Whip and Assistant Democratic Leader in the Arizona House of Representatives, in an article in The Arizona Republic:


"The state is '30 percent Hispanic yet there are three Latinos? There’s no excuse for that,' she said. Minority professionals have a 'wealth of intellect and experience' and there is a healthy pool Ducey could have recruited from, she said."


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How Would You Spend $50 Million?

If you are Gov. Ducey and the Republican leadership the answer is easy: private prisons. Democratic leaders Rep. Dr. Eric Meyer and Rep. Juan Mendez attended a protest today at the Arizona State Capitol aimed at calling attention to all the ways we could have invested in Arizona's economy and families with the $50 million budgeted instead for private prisons.


The state is cash-strapped, was the excuse Republican leadership and the governor gave when they slashed $99 million from the universities, or when they further underfunded K-12 and the Department of Child Safety.

Why would they continue budget efforts for a program whose funding has already increased by 40% in the last seven years and, as of 2012, no longer has the accountability requirement of reporting for comparison to public prisons?

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AZ GOP Legislators Get State Health Coverage but Fight Medicaid?

Turns out 21 of the remaining 28 Republicans still serving in the Arizona Senate or House of Representatives that signed on to sue over Medicaid-expansion are enrolled in state-sponsored healthcare coverage, according to The Arizona Republic.


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Wasting More Tax Money on Discrimination

Our Republican governor and attorney general have made Arizona number one once again, actually the only one. That is, Arizona is the only state left in the nation wasting tax dollars on denying driver's licenses to youth in the country legally. A case so ludicrous that in court Thursday Judge Harry Pregerson asked, “Does it come down to racism? Does it come down to discrimination against these people? What else does it come down to?" as reported in the Los Angeles Times.


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Ducey: "We're Putting so Much Money into K-12 Education"

While trying to side-step questions about Donald Trump's racist comments, Governor Ducey took the opportunity Thursday to point out that his education land trust plan would create a fiscal cliff because he thinks "we're putting so much money into K-12 education" in an article in The Arizona Republic: Ducey.jpg

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Treasurer Rips Ducey's Education Shell Game

#AskDuceyWhy he wants to create a fiscal cliff for our schools.


Democrats joined Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWit in pointing out that Governor Ducey's land trust plan potentially steals from the next generation to sustain the slow-bleed of Arizona's education system in an article Wednesday in the Arizona Republic.

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