Maricopa County
Democratic Party

Want some help getting started?

To learn more about hosting events, to get help with your event, or just to let us know what you’re up to, contact us. Have fun and help turn Arizona blue at the same time. Here are some tips for your first local event.

Have a goal in mind

Do you want to educate your neighbors on an issue? Would you like to raise money for a Democratic organization?

Think about what you’d like to accomplish, and plan your event around a specific goal.

Comfortable, convenient location

Choose a location that is easy to find and comfortable for the type of activity you are planning. Also be sure that the location can accommodate special needs guests, especially if you plan to post your event online or invite the public.

Make it fun

Even if you are planning a working-type, volunteer event, there is always room for some fun. Even volunteer neighborhood cleanup events usually have some food and entertainment as a reward.

Give out goodies

If possible, have some bumper stickers, signs, and/or prizes available. You can stop by one of our offices to pickup stickers.

Get the word out

Contact us to let us know about your event and we can post it on our calendar. If you are throwing a neighborhood event, you can also post flyers on community bulletin boards. We’ll help you get the word out too.

Ask invitees to RSVP

Be sure that your invitations and flyers ask people to RSVP. You want to have an idea how many people may show up. Be sure you have enough space for everyone, but also be aware that some people will inevitably RSVP and then not show up and visa versa.

Invite local officeholders

Most Democratic officeholders like to attend local events so that they can hear from their constituents. If your event is focused on a particular issue, look for a local officeholder who knows that issue well and can help you educate your guests.

Ask attendees to sign in

Be sure to ask your attendees to sign in with their name, address, phone, and email when they arrive. This will help you to build your own list of local activists, as well as helping to build the local party base.

Share your data

Every attendee is also a potential supporter or volunteer. Bring your data to the neigborhood group nearest you so that each of the voters who attended your event can be updated in the voter database.

Follow up with attendees

Don’t forget to thank your guests for attending your event. Do this soon after the event while it is fresh in their minds—a few days or a week afterward. Say thank you and ask them how they would like to get involved.