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Ducey's Classrooms First Initiative Council Recommendations Vague, Troubling

The council offered recommendations Tuesday for overhauling the state's school funding formula, as reported by The Arizona Republic. The recommendations lacked detail but among the more troubling recommendations were equally funding district and charter schools and a proposal to have vacant or underused public schools made available for charter schools.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-24_at_11.30.14_AM.jpg“How is that a reform?” asked Andrew Morrill, president of the Arizona Education Association in the Arizona Daily Star. “It’s a money-laundering operation.”

Another key recommendation from the council was the development of "policies to better recruit and retain teachers." Even the Republican Arizona State Superintendent of Public Instruction is now proposing more money for teacher pay.

“If the Republican leaders in Arizona were serious about getting money into classrooms now, they would use the $325 million projected surplus,” said Arizona House Democratic Leader Rep. Dr. Eric Meyer in The Arizona Republic.

#AskDuceyWhy he and Republican leaders in the legislature refuse to fund education in Arizona.