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Ducey Appointments: Too Few Women, Minorities

This concern over Gov. Ducey's hiring practices was voiced by Rep. Rebecca Rios, Democratic Whip and Assistant Democratic Leader in the Arizona House of Representatives, in an article in The Arizona Republic:


"The state is '30 percent Hispanic yet there are three Latinos? There’s no excuse for that,' she said. Minority professionals have a 'wealth of intellect and experience' and there is a healthy pool Ducey could have recruited from, she said."


Rep. Rios went on to say, "'If you continue to have a government that is comprised of people the same gender as you, the same diversity as you, people who look like you and think like you, you’re not going to get a broader understanding of the state you represent.'"

#AskDuceyWhy less than one third of his high-level members are women when census figures show women outnumbering men in Arizona.

#AskDuceyWhy only six of his 38 administrative hires are minorities while minorities account for more than 42% of Arizona residents.