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Consumer Beware: Ducey "Trimming Big Government"

Gov. Ducey is making good on his campaign promise to "trim big government," as reported in an article in The Arizona Republic on Thursday. But what if that agency is the one responsible for making sure you get a full gallon of gas at the pump or making sure you do not get scammed by a moving company?


Next year the Department of Weights and Measures will be dismantled as a result of a bill pushed through last session by Gov. Ducey and Arizona Republican legislators, who claim the move will be good for business and will trim big government.



Sen. Martin Quezada, Arizona Senate Democratic Minority Whip, is concerned about the effect dissolving this agency will have on consumer protection. “'It’s really a shame, because I think ultimately only the public is going to suffer because of it,' Quezada said." Democratic leaders will continue to fight bad legislation that hurts consumers in the name of "shrinking big government."

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