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Competing AZ Education Funding Plans Draw Sharp Contrast

"Unless we change course and invest more in education, we will continue to lag the rest of the country in jobs," said Arizona House Democratic Leader Rep. Dr. Eric Meyer, in the The Arizona Republic. "People are moving to states where potentially the schools are better."


Untitled_Infographic(1).jpg The lack of education funding has made attracting business very difficult. Arizona continues to lag behind the rest of the nation in employment and economic growth since the Great Recession.

The funding plan put forward by Republican legislative leadership includes asking voters to cut back on the amount of money given to schools for inflation, as well as sweeping some money from First Things First early childhood education programs, according to The Arizona Republic.

The Governor and Republican leaders feel that sweeping money from current and future students is the solution to Arizona's education crisis. While the Governor and Republican leadership refuse to comply with court orders to adequately fund schools, the economic outlook for Arizona becomes increasingly bleak.