Maricopa County
Democratic Party

Bring Arpaio's Wasteful, Hateful Reign to an End

Are you reading the current Arizona Republic series on Arpaio? What do you think? We're frankly left scratching our heads -- why all the PR in advance of the upcoming racial profiling and contempt of court trials?

More importantly, what is the Maricopa County Democratic Party doing NOW to make sure incompetent Arpaio's wasteful, hateful reign comes to an end? Find out here!

At the Maricopa County Democratic Party, there really are no off-years!  We’re hard at work, every day, to help elect more Democrats and turn Arizona BLUE.  We just completed the Phoenix elections with all wins.

At our headquarters in downtown Phoenix, we have five full-time staff members – including MCDP’s Executive Director, Finance Director, Field Organizer, plus the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Director and Member & Candidate Services Director.

Just what are we busy doing?

  •  Meeting with potential candidates and community leaders
  • Providing services and support to the leadership of our 19 legislative districts
  • Managing and maintaining voter and supporter databases
  • Working in partnership with other progressive organizations to advance our goals
  • Engaging the community through planned events and on social media
  • Educating and registering new and low-efficacy voters
  • Supporting our elected Democratic officials
  • Providing services and training to candidates for countywide and legislative offices
  • … and FUNDRAISING for a better Arizona

We can’t do it without YOUR HELP!

Our VICTORY 2016 program is already a huge success! We need you to add your support!

Pledge just $16 a month between now and the end of 2016 to be part of our success and help us continue our work. You’ll even receive the official MCDP lapel pin as our thanks.

Click here and JOIN VICTORY 2016 today!