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AZ Shorting Schools $381 Million a Year for Special Education

The shortfall requires school districts and charter schools to pick up the slack, taking resources from students who do not require special assistance, as reported by The Arizona Republic.

Screen_Shot_2015-09-21_at_10.58.51_AM.jpg“'For every dollar given out for special education, districts are really spending $1.50,' said Tempe Kyrene School District CFO Jeremy Calles. 'I have to take 50 cents from [the regular education student] and go use it on the special-education student.'”

This issue has exacerbated the financial burden felt by school districts after years of education budget cuts and the diversion of public education funding from the general fund. Despite a budget surplus, Gov. Ducey and Republican leaders refuse to take immediate action on the education crisis.

"If we are serious about public education funding in Arizona...then we must take action now. Regardless of party affiliation, we must come together and demand that our legislators do the right thing," said Democratic Arizona State Rep. Charlene Fernandez in The Arizona Republic.

#AskDuceyWhy he and Republican leaders are not taking action now.