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Arpaio: "Who Are You to Tell Me What to Do?"

33Tt2Cs.jpgThis was the response Arpaio aide Lt. Kim Seagraves allegedly received when questions were brought to Sheriff Joe about the integrity of an informant Arpaio had hired, and allegedly personally paid $10,000, to investigate the presiding judge, G. Murray Snow, and his wife, according to Thursday's testimony reported by The Arizona Republic.

Even more troubling, "plaintiffs’ attorneys say the agency’s internal-affairs system is set up to 'exonerate' and excuse bad behavior." These findings explain and validate the suggested "culture of cruelty" that has existed within MCSO during Arpaio's 21-year tenure that has led to more than 150 deaths in Maricopa County jails, and altered or omitted evidence in subsequent investigations.

Another development Thursday was the admission from Sheriff Joe that he said he "would fight to the bitter end before having a monitor oversee his office."

It is sad to think that for many young residents of Maricopa County this display of brutality, deception, irresponsibility, and mismanagement of public trust and funds is the only example they have of the official elected to "protect and serve" them. Maricopa County deserves better.

Follow the main developments of the contempt hearings using this graphic chart supplied by The Arizona Republic.