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Arizona Kids Nearly Last in Well-being Report

Arizona ranks 48th in the nation for children living in poverty and children without health insurance, according to an article in The Arizona Republic on Tuesday.


 This comes as no surprise to Arizona Democratic leaders who unanimously voted against this session's budget, which removed funding to support Arizona families in need.

The budget, which was pushed through in the middle of the night by Gov. Ducey and Republicans in the legislature, kicked an estimated 2,700 Arizona children out of the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program.


To make matters worse, Arizona is the only state in the nation without a Children’s Health Insurance Program. Arizona Democratic leaders in the legislature have been battling for years to halt the destruction of programs that provide access to healthcare for needy children, like Kid's Care.

#AskDuceyWhy he and Republican legislators do not think children need healthcare.

#AskDuceyWhy he and Republican legislators are not working to support Arizona families in need.